Tough job but someone has to do it. Marshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness) is the man who has been tasked with bringing justice to Dodge City, a frontier town in the Badlands. On most days he has his hands full. Whether he is tangling with bounty hunters, trying to catch hide cutters, dealing with an ex-lawman with only vengeance on his mind or a 103-year-old horse thief, it is enough to drive anyone to drink. Or quit. But he does only a little of the first and none of the second. Amazing considering this dusty little frontier town seems to be filled with and visited often by folks who have no respect for the law.

This is partially because of his skill as a lawman and partially due to the support he has around him. He has the crabby but fully capable Doc Adams (played by Milburn Stone), saloon owner Miss Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) and his dim but loyal deputy Festus Haggen (played by Ken Curtis).

A treat is seeing this classic television Western which originally aired in 1968-69 in colour. On top of this you get interesting stories and solid acting especially from the guests.

Their are 11 more episodes in the season, which were released in Volume 2.

Episode List:

Ep 1 – Lyle’s Kid ( Morgan Woodward )
Ep 2 – The Hide Cutters ( Michael Burns, Joseph Campanella )
Ep 3 – Zavala ( Jim Davis, Rex Holman)
Ep 4 – Uncle Finney ( Lane Bradbury, Victor French )
Ep 5 – Slocum ( Will Geer, James Wainwright )
Ep 6 – O’Quillian ( John McLiam)
Ep 7 – 9:12 to Dodge ( Todd Armatrong, Robert Emhardt )
Ep 8 – Abelia ( Jacqueline Scott, Jeremy Slate )
Ep 9 – Railroad ( Jim Davis )
Ep 10 – The Miracle Man ( Don Chastain, Lisa Gerritson )
Ep 11 – Waco ( Victor French, Louise Latham )
Ep 12 – Lobo ( Morgan Woodward )
Ep 13 – Johnny Cross ( Jeff Pomerantz, Harry Dean Stanton )
Ep 14 – The Money Store ( Charles Aidman, William Schallert )
Ep 15 – The Twisted Heritage ( John Ericson, Virginia Gragg )

Special Features:

-Episodic Previews