Join Nella and her best friends as they embark on oodles of adventures. In the second DVD release for the Nella the Princess Knight television series we get eight episodes. All are fun and fancy free quests which involve saving her kingdom, trying to locate the rare Bafflin, teaching a dragon how to be a true friend, and discovering your true talent.

Nella is just cool. She is bi-racial, brave and ambitious. Her best attribute is that she is willing to go to any length to help people. Her magical powers come from her sword, shield and heart pendant. With each episode there is a lesson to be learned and Nella demonstrates how far you can go by being kind.

Royal Quests contains the following episodes:

– Sir Coach’s Knightly Trading Card
– A Knight’s Tale
– In Hot Watermelon
– Hooves Got Talent?
– The Dragon Bully
– Royalicious Plumberry
– Three’s a Crowd
– More Than Meets the Eye