Montreal-based Turkish playwright/director Ülfet Sevdi is proud to unveil her latest thought-provoking performance, co-produced by MAI (Montréal, arts
interculturels), Numbers Increase As We Count…

This brave and powerful multidisciplinary production, which aims to shed light on the ongoing fate of women suffering the consequences of war in post American-occupied Iraq, will be presented at the MAI from February 27 to March 2.

Created and directed by Sevdi, Numbers Increase as We Count… is the culmination of her extensive research and an artistic attempt to bring public attention to the repercussions on the lives of women stricken by displacement, abduction, and forced sex-work in the Middle East. By weaving personal testimonies, archival footage, statistics, and mass media representation with live theatrical performance, audio-visual documentation of the creation process and of original interviews conducted by Sevdi, Numbers Increase As We Count… aims to humanize the cold hard numbers through an immersive and interactive (re)counting of innumerous victims.

Co-developed by Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal (PWM)—under the expert guidance of Emma Tibaldo (Artistic & Executive Director, PWM) and Vancouver’s
Sherry Yoon (Artistic Director, Boca del Lupo)—this interdisciplinary production is delivered by an allfemale cast comprised of Sevdi, Itır Artidi and Burcu Emeç, as well as pre-recorded vignettes and interviews with women artists and activists, including prominent Middle Eastern feminist Yanar Mohammed (President,
Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq.)

Numbers Increase As We Count… also features Sevdi’s uniquely-crafted visuals/projections integrated by video designer Tori Morrison, an intricately-woven musical tapestry and soundscape by Nicolas Royer-Artuso, and a dynamic lighting/technical design by Michael Tonus.

Creator / Director
Ülfet Sevdi

Itır Artidi, Burcu Emeç, Ülfet Sevdi

Dramaturgical Consultants
Emma Tibaldo, Sherry Yoon, Louis Patrick Leroux

Sound Designer / Composer / Live Musician
Nicolas Royer-Artuso

Lighting Designer / Technical Director
Michael Tonus

Co-Video Designer
Tori Morrison

Movement Coach
Sarah Williams

Production Assistant
Deniz Başar
Presented in English, French and Turkish
Ages: 16 + Violence / Graphic Content

Additional Information:

When: – 27 FEB : 8PM PREMIERE
– 28 FEB : 8PM
– 01 MAR : 8PM (talkback after show)
– 02 MAR : 8PM
Montréal, arts interculturels,
3680 Jeanne-Mance, Montreal
514 982-3386