Granddaddy Day Care

Comedy aimed at the entire family. There is no sex, drugs or rock ‘n roll here. Just polka music, which I think I have to warn people about. It takes safe choice after safe choice. Most of the humour is based upon stereotypes. Stereotypes about husbands and father in laws as well as a ton about seniors. Nothing exactly groundbreaking.

Going through a little writer’s block…well, actually more than a little as his last book was published five years ago, Frank Collins (Reno Wilson – Transformers, Crank 2: High Voltage) is put under even more pressure when his ex-con father-in-law moves in. Because he is a little older and prone to forgetting things, his daughter and Frank’s wife, Emma (Roxana Ortega – Larry Crowne, Evan Almighty) has her father Eduardo (Danny Trejo – Heat, Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy) move in with them. If Frank was having trouble concentrating on his writing before this takes that up a step further.

Because he has not brought in any money for years, the financial crunch on the Collins is big. There is even a chance they will lose their house. When Eduardo invites his friends over for the day, an idea to make some extra and much needed money hits Frank like a ton of bricks. He sees the need and so decides to open up a day car for seniors. He figures he can charge money for this and still have time to write his next novel. Hahahaha!

Between trying to clean up the messes and jams that the seniors get into and trying to avoid the whole thing being shut down by a by the book government inspector (Alec Mapa – Marley & Me, Playing By Heart), there is no time for Frank to write.

The most enjoyable thing about the film is seeing a group of actors who were in the heydays in the 1980s and before. You’ll get to see Hal Linden (from television’s Barney Miller), Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Incredibles 2), George Wendt (from television’s Cheers), Linday Gray (from television’s Dallas), Julia Duffy (from television’s Newhart), Clint Howard (The Waterboy, Solo: A Hans Solo Story), James Hong (Blade Runner, Kung Fu Panda 2), Margaret Avery (The Color Purple, Proud Mary), and Garrett Morris (from television’s Saturday Night Live).

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