Adina Katz is talented, creative and courageous. She stars in her entertaining and meaningful one woman show “Be A Good Girl” now at the Segal Centre until March 11.

Adina is a woman of many skills in theatre, comedy, film and music.  With the help of Sandi Armstrong’s direction, she tells her sensitive story of difficulties coping with the circumstances that life threw her way and triumphing by learning to choose her attitude. In spite of everything that has happened she still retains her dreams and hopes and through this play makes her views clear to her audience with her refreshing unique style.

I personally was moved by the impact of her experiences, the frustration of society’s attitude but mostly her diligence to get her point across and make a difference. Her superb acting together with cleverly constructed video footage, live performances where she sings, plays guitar and piano and a keen sense of humor make the subject matter digestible while still preserving her important message. Respect for personal boundaries is of paramount  importance !

Don’t be disappointed.  Get your tickets now !