Today @ SXSW – Thursday, March 14, 2019

  “I undertake the pursuit of the solutions to these problems with optimism, because I believe in the power of music, paintings, theater, books, and movies — the power of art — to change the world.”
T Bone Burnett

Wednesday was wondrous with most excellent keynotes from Bozoma Saint John with Ashley Graham, and the formidable T Bone Burnett. Burnett took SXSW by storm with a barn burner of a speech that put tech giants on notice and ended with hope in the statement that “the goal of art is to create conscience,” and that we are equal to the task.

Today brings a cavalcade of cool sessions, including Joseph Lubin, our first Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Keynote; Featured Speakers Laura Jane Grace, Nile Rodgers and Merck Mercuriadis, and Björn Ulvaeus; and the Cannabusiness Track gets underway with Amy Margolis and Amy McClintick, and more!

You should also take advantage of our masterful Mentor Sessions. It’s a great opportunity for some one-on-one networking and learning with some of the best in the biz.

And don’t forget, you should totes be watching our Daily Highlights series, immersing yourself in full length sessions on YouTube, and streaming the magic at

As we keep rolling through the latter half of SXSWeek we hope you’re feeling inspired by all the marvelous moments that have unfolded so far.

And now it’s time for bonus puppies™. Please do not imitate these queueing skills (or lack thereof).











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