Snatchers @ SXSW – Midnighters Section

High school is sometimes the peak of some peoples’ lives. For the most of us, it is a time we would rather forget. Tough if you are having to go through a hormone explosion while at the same time trying to be part of the cool kids club. Such is life for Sara (Mary Nepi – Lucy’s Tale). Doing her best to stay at the top of the social food chain means she has had to cut out of her life her former BFF, Hayley (Gabrielle Elyse – appeared in episodes of Black-ish and Teen Wolf). Soon it will be a decision she regrets.

In order to get her ex-boyfriend Skyler (Austin Fryberger – appeared in episodes of Sam & Cat and Awkwardness), fresh off a summer trip to Mexico, back Sara decides to sleep with him. Her incredibly horny ex does not wear any protection during sex. The next day, after initially feeling great, Sara begins to feel quite nauseous. She goes to bed then wakes up the next morning nine month pregnant. And that is not the end of the weirdness.

After turning to the only person she can – Hayley – Sara goes to a clinic to find out she is indeed pregnant and then goes into labour. What comes out is not human…and begins cutting a path of death and destruction. It is going to be up to the two teenage former friends to not only get out of this alive, but save the world!

Most of the time teen pregnancy is not something to laugh about. Not unless you are up to a rather steep challenge. Or, in the case of directors/screenwriters Stephen Cedars and Benji Kleiman, you turn the serious subject on its head and go completely crazy…zany…ridiculous…and hilarious. Cedars and Kleiman’s film started off as a short at SXSW 2015 then evolved into a web series and now is a feature length film. A film which relies on the laugh-scare-gore-laugh sequence.

This seems like your typical teen horror/comedy with plenty of sex, over the top amounts of blood and parents who are clueless. Part David Cronenberg/Ridley Scott and part Mean Girls, this is all that and a slice of cake. Despite the fact that this was probably not a film made with the luxery of a large budget the special effects are pretty decent and the scorpion-like monster is cool.

Spoofing high school and teenage behaviour has always been a winner if done well. Here it is. You get all the typical archetypes with the dumb, horny jock, the bitchy cool girl and her band of lame and dumb minions, the unpopular smart girl, and someone who is just trying to fit in with the cool kids only to find out that selling your soul to be popular is ultimately not worth it.

Loads of fun! Obviously done by two guys who grew up on a steady diet of Lindsay Lohan and teenage horror films from the 80s and 90s like The Faculty or The Hidden.

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