Benchwarmers 2: Breaking Balls

After a ball crushing pitch ruined his chance to become a major league baseball star, Ben McGrath’s (Chris Klein – American Pie, We Were Soldiers) life went into a downward spiral. He and his wife Dana (Lisa Durupt – Shall We Dance?, Preggoland) broke up and his son became distant. Plus he could only get a job as a landscaper…really he mows lawns.

To try and turn his life around Ben has taken night courses and passed the bar. He is now a lawyer. Finding a job is going to be tough. First he believes he has gotten a job at one of the best firms in town, but soon finds out they just want him to play on the firm’s softball team. He does get offered a job at a low level firm called Schmood & Associates headed by Mel Carmichael (Jon Lovitz – A League of Their Own, Hotel Transylvania).

Mel gets Ben to coach the softball team. They are a bunch of misfits to say the least. Plus he is assigned a seemingly impossible case with Annie (Chelsey Reist – from television’s The 100) against the large firm’s cutthroat Stenhouse (Lochlyn Munro – from television’s Riverdale). Things don’t look like things are going to get any better. That is unless Ben makes a big change.

Kinda just what you would expect going in. The first one was not exactly a work of art and neither is this one.

Special Features:

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