Hailing from the previously unheard of Fremont, Washington, hard rock outfit Villain Plays the Victim has released their first album. The self-titled disc contains a mere six tracks but there is still plenty of punch. Band members, Allan Williams: Lead Vocals, Timothy Kearns: Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar, Kelly Breakfield: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Brian Roberge: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals and Paul Wotton: Drums/Percussion, have been together since 2016 after other bands they had been in ceased to be. Theirs is an old school sound. Real old time hard rock. Picture your favourite rock acts from the 70s to 90s. Grooves delivered with plenty of power. Topped off by angry white guy vocals from Williams. They have spun it a little differently by adding in lyrics that would classify as emo. A whole lot of angst is here to be discovered and felt.