For its fourth edition, Eggspressionist Art introduces a novelty and welcomes the public to witness the making of its unusual creations. Everyone is invited to a one-of-a-kind art happening where a dozen emerging and established artists will get up close and personal with the egg, a source of inspiration spanning millennia. The event is a continuation of a tradition, having crossed the ages and cultures, to capture this unique form as an object of urban art.

The result of a collaboration between the Projekroom collective and the Montreal urban art gallery Station16, this moment of shared creation will allow the public to meet the artists, and their imagination, giving birth to these oversized creations.


Measuring about 90 cm (3 feet) high, the eggs served as a canvas for a dozen urban artists to express their vision, talents and techniques. The rule of the art is to take full advantage of the shape of one of nature’s greatest designs.

Surrendering to its fans’ anticipation, the migratory exhibition has chosen, once again, to land at Square Quartier DIX30, on April 17th, completing its journey. The brand-new brood, highlighting the poetry of this unique shape, will stay until the end of May, presented in the open air.


Inspiration through the ages

Eggspressionist art is a nod to the ritual of painting eggs, practised for generations around the world as a symbol of rebirth and new life. The practice of decorating eggs goes back 60,000 years in Africa. The oldest discovered examples from Persian and Egyptian cultures are over 5,000-year-old while the pysanka tradition in Europe dates back at least 1,100 years. Many of these traditions are alive and well today, as evidenced by the Ukrainian Easter egg festival in Lviv, the Nowruz egg festival in Tehran, the Eurasian Garden Spirits in Japan and The Big Egg Hunt in London, New York and Dublin.

Art Happening

Station 16 Gallery: 3523 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal

Thursday April 11th @ 6PM


Square Quartier DIX30

17th and until the end of May


ABOUT Station 16

Station 16 is an urban art gallery cultivating a daring and poetic view of life by featuring, from here and abroad, some of the most well-regarded urban artists in the world. Located on St-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, the official gallery of the MURAL festival is at the heart of a thriving street art scene. Lungs full of freedom aren’t breathing to imitate others.