We have sort of forgotten over the years that Reese Witherspoon has comedic actress in her gun belt. It is really how she started with romantic comedies initially then she transitioned into selecting to do more dramatic films or television. In 2015, with the film Hot Pursuit, directed by Anne Fletcher, some might have been surprised by the Witherspoon-Sophia Vergara tandem. But it actually makes total sense.

This is a female buddy film in which one (Witherspoon) plays the straight woman who is thrown together with the wild and crazy wife of a drug boss (Vergara). The two end up, with some mistaken identity thrown in for good measure, fleeing some bad cops and hitmen throughout Texas. Of course, this leads to plenty of ridiculous (and funny) situations.

Nothing inventive when it comes to opposites in film or buddy movies happens here. Lower your expectations. Most of the reason it works is the two leads. Both fully commit to whatever is going on in the story. Both go to lengths to get laughs. They also have pretty good chemistry. Playing off each other well.

Now, you will not leave this film thinking that Reese Witherspoon made the best decision of her career. Not even close. But it certainly is the perfect type of film for those times when you don’t want to analyze a plot, use your brain in any way or laugh on a snowy or raining Sunday afternoon.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-The Womance

-Say What?

-Action Like a Lady

-Alternate Ending

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