Max Minghella’s directorial debut film Teen Spirit tells the story of a shy farm girl (Elle Fanning) who auditions to be Britain’s next hot pop star. Picture yourself listening to your favourite song. You know, the one where you can dance like Beyoncé or woo like Drake. This movie is the manifestation of that feeling.

This movie is fun and well made. The music is contagious. However, I would have liked more backstory on the manager (played by Zlatko Burić) and his relationship with his daughter. Rebecca Hall graces this film with her presence. Her character adds insight into the craziness of the biz. She also presents Violet (Elle Fanning) with a moral dilemma.

What I found most impressive though was Elle Fanning. She did all of her own vocals. The audience hears her untouched voice.

While perhaps more fun than substantive, this film was entertaining. I look forward to Minghella’s next directorial project.