For certain artists music and theatre have proven to be a marriage made in heaven. Artists like Madonna, U2, Prince, and David Bowie are made for the stage. During the latter part of the 80s Bowie was in the midst of a huge world tour called Glass Spider. With its huge stage theatrics when the tour made its stop in Montreal it was at the Olympic Stadium. Tens of thousands of fans jammed into the cement behemoth which is the Big O and saw one of the shows of their lives.

Of the tour, afterwards said that it was so much fun in that he was able to spend a ton of money to bring the concept to life. Everything is big and theatrical. A huge set and plenty of performers/musicians on stage with Bowie. But this is a CD, so it about the music and the quality of the sound. In that regard is is one of the best Bowie live CDs he has ever done.

The set list contains many of his biggest hits with a focus on his material from the 80s. Some long time Bowie fans poo pooed the selected songs saying it focused too much on his pop songs rather than the more 70s rock material. Bottom line is that the songs he has selected sound great! Though it is a bootleg the sound is pretty good. Part of the band was guitar whiz Peter Frampton. The guitar solos are amazing. He brings plenty to the sound as his work is coupled with Carlos Alomar’s.

More than anything what comes through on the album is how much fun Bowie is having. Totally comes through.

Must for every Bowie fan. Especially for Montrealers.

Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Up The Hill Backwards
2. Glass Spider
3. Day-In Day-Out
4. Bang Bang
5. Absolute Beginners
6. Loving The Alien
7. China Girl
8. Rebel Rebel
9. Fashion
10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
11. All The Madmen
12. Never Let Me Down
Disc: 2
1. Big Brother
2. ’87 And Cry
3. “Heroes”
4. Sons Of The Silent Age
5. Time Will Crawl / Band Introduction
6. Young Americans
7. Beat Of Your Drum
8. The Jean Genie
9. Let’s Dance
10. Fame
11. Time
12. Blue Jean
13. Modern Love