Country music artist, songwriter and now book author, Erica Stone, released Gray – A Story of Loss on Amazon Books on March 22 with top release records in more than fifteen categories. The story reflecting her journey to Africa, the events that unfolded leading her to uncharted territory and finding inner strength empowering her to become an advocate for orphaned children. The book is available on Amazon Books here.

Gray – A Story of Loss
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“I fought writing this book for years. I wanted to keep it safe on the shelves of my heart and just keep it there. But, I knew the day would come when the story would have to be told. It’s too important and vital conversation we must have, as we face the reality that the world’s children are OUR children,” said Erica Stone. “They all belong to us. It’s our responsibility to make sure they are handled with care and that their basic human rights are protected. Most importantly they deserve to know they are not only valued, but deeply loved.”

Readers are saying:
“I read this book from start to finish in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. The raw emotion was mind altering. I will never see things the same again.”

“I read straight through in one sitting, I could not put the book down. Erica’s vulnerability and passion was felt in every page and as a fellow adoptive mom from Africa, so much of her story resonated with me. I think she respectfully portrayed the dark side of adoption, which is a necessary conversation.”

Driven by the negligent death of her adopted daughter at the hands of a West African exploitation ring, American mother Erica Stone finds herself an unlikely advocate for orphaned children in Sierra Leone. Her dedication is tested by the deeply ingrained corruption she encounters as she fights to have her daughter’s life recognized while simultaneously trying to protect the lives of countless other children. Stone’s memoir is raw, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Just like her journey from the depths of hell and back force her to become reborn, the reader will also be a different person by the time the last page is turned.

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