Domes, VR, AR, sensory augmentation, artificial intelligence…
May 29 to June 1, 2019 at the Society for Arts and Technology

The Society for Arts and Technology is proud to announce the program of the 6th edition of its iX symposium. This year, activities will focus on the theme of 360 Playgrounds and will take place from May 29 to June 1, 2019 at the SAT. iX is an annual symposium on Immersive eXperience and its related technologies (domes, virtual reality, augmented reality). Every year, artists, researchers, developers, producers and digital enthusiasts from around the world are invited to share their knowledge on the subject for five days. Focused on exchange and learning, the iX symposium program consists of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, dome shows (Satosphère) and hybrid projects to be discovered throughout the building.  

At a time where virtual reality opens the world onto new spaces in physical architecture, where augmented reality enriches our landscapes and our objects, and where mapping and capturing technologies are 360 °, we can’t deny the existence of these new playgrounds all around us. In this spirit, the event offers several immersive experiences.

The audience is invited to 8 immersive shows produced by local and international artists, who are all leaders in their field. Not to be missed: Phase to Face by Patrick KH is a work inspired by the morphing of faces that applies facial recognition to the spatialization techniques of the dome. Line Katcho‘s (Montreal) Insurrection will offer a sensory audiovisual performance inspired by power struggles. In addition, MONOCOLOR’s Latent Space (Vienna) promises viewers an experience that will brilliantly test and examine the spatial effects of the dome. As for Decades by Antoine De Schuyter (Brussels), it offers an immersive audiovisual performance, a sound universe that oscillates between electronica, ambient music and techno. Finally, iX Night is an immersive party that will bring the symposium to a great close. The public will be able to enjoy none other than Ryan Playground, Lis Dalton and DJ Frog and Alea (s) and while dancing to the visuals of Push 1 stop and VJ Delta.
To see the complete program, it’s here!
About the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT)
A pioneer of technological arts in Quebec founded in 1996, the SAT is a unique gathering place dedicated to artists, researchers, professionals and lovers of digital culture. The SAT includes a space for artist residencies (Labodôme), a research laboratory (Métalab), a training centre (Campus SAT), theatres including its famous Satosphère dome for artistic creations, as well as a restaurant (the Foodlab)! Today, it is internationally renowned for its active pioneering role in the development of immersive technologies (dome, virtual reality, etc.), interactivity and the creative use of very high speed networks (especially in telepresence).