Multi-dimensional artist Ginesse (Cait Fairbanks) returns today with a new track “The Inbetween.” Out alongside the track is the vibrant music video, choreographed by icon Marguerite Derricks (Heathers: the musical). The video was completed in one shot and showcases Ginesse’s breathy falsetto alongside pastel suits and killer choreography.


Left of center singer Ginesse has already made quite a name for herself in the acting realm with her Emmy-nominated performance on The Young and the Restless and is now set to solidify herself as an inspiring household name. “This song was kind of a turning point for me as an artist,” explains the singer/songwriter.She expands “We finished the song in only a few hours and it just felt right…I let go of my expectations for how the song should go and how my life was going at the moment and I started to feel very present and happier in general.

Perhaps due to her strong thespian roots, Cait admits that she often approaches Ginesse as “a character to play.” But she does acknowledge that this is the perfect outlet to boil herself down in.  She’s not wearing a wig or spandex but instead presents the most concentrated version of herself by telling genuine stories via metaphors that emote a relatable, uncomfortable situation or feeling. “I want my music to make people feel like the whole world is wrapping around them,” says Ginesse. “If I give someone an emotional picture of a specific moment, that is truly special.”

Ginesse is the moniker of Cait Fairbanks, inspired by a local street and her preferred choice of liquor. Raised in the suburban hills of sunny Orange County, the young songstress now calls the eclectic eastside of Los Angeles her home. In the songwriting semblance of the eccentric artists she has always adored: Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Fiona Apple, Ginesse has created a unique sound that’s not wholly mainstream but still irresistibly catchy. Through edgy effects and atypical tones, her vibe delivers a more modern version, highlighting a spirited voice filled with raw fervor and subtle soul on every one her songs. 

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