SOFI TUKKER  shares a new single “Playa Grande.” A cross-continental collaboration with Colombian elegancia tropical duo Bomba Estéreo“Playa Grande” is sung in three different languages – English, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as a little Spanglish and Portuñol. The track’s tropical flair underscores its message of surrendering to your bliss and indulging in uninhibitted communal dancing. Sophie and Li from Bomba Estéreo dance across the verses and make the chorus a mission statement, “Vamos a Bailar! Bailar! Bailar!”. Bomba Estéreo joined SOFI TUKKER onstage at Coachella to perform the song live and SOFI TUKKER will be taking “Playa Grande” on the road for their shows this fall.

The music video sees SOFI TUKKER teaming up once more with Mac Boucher, the creative mind behind the “Best Friend,” “Batshit,” and “Fuck They” music videos. For the clip, SOFI TUKKER traveled to Costeño Beach in Santa Marta, located next to the Tayrona Park, a Natural Reserve Park in Colombia where the Andes end at the sea. It is the highest mountain in the world next to the ocean. The Tayronas (indigenous population) call the park, ‘The World’s Lung’. The video is an ode to the earth, specifically to the sacred land that Li from Bomba Estéreo lives on. 
Mac Boucher says of the music video’s inspiration:”The idea behind ‘Playa Grande’ was to celebrate nature and the elements. Fire, water, earth and air.  This felt so natural to SOFI TUKKER’s vibe, Bomba Estéreo’s, and of course the environment we were in. We thought of Li, living on the beach and inviting us into her little piece of paradise was reflective of a spirit of nature, and taking the leap to goddess of the ocean was a natural evolution. Incorporating timeless symbolism like the sun and moon made the imagery much more complete. And tying it together with a fantastical looking earth made it feel both alien but also reminded us that this is our home.”

“The only thing more fun than making a song with one of our favorite bands of all time is getting to spend a week with them in their hometown and filming a video with one of our favorite bands of all time!” Tucker says of the experience. “This video was the perfect excuse for us to fly to Colombia, hang out and bond with Bomba Estéreo, and do the most fun activities we could imagine doing together. We rode horses on the beach, took a boat out and went swimming, threw a bonfire party on the beach where Li led a collective orgasm, and got dressed in Colombian clothes.”

More about SOFI TUKKER:
SOFI TUKKER is the genre-defying duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern celebrated for their inclusive and global perspective on electronic music and their work’s themes of liberation, unity, and self-empowerment. Their debut single “Drinkee” was nominated for a Best Dance Recording Grammy® which was followed by Best Dance/Electronic Album Grammy® nomination for their debut album Treehouse. SOFI TUKKER’s music has charted on every continent other than Antarctica and in 2018 they had a top 20 hit on US pop, alternative, and dance radio with “Best Friend”. The group has performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, CONAN, MTV’s TRL, and Last Call with Carson Daly. SOFI TUKKER are also passionate activists who have raised funds and awareness for Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, and the March for Our Lives.
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