Last night, the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival hosted Jane Siberry and her magical music entourage right in the middle of Confederation Park. The stage was inside a giant royal tent, which served very well in containing all the wonderful acoustics streaming from Jane and her musicians.

The audience was filled with all walks of life and generations, including her core fan group who enthusiastically sang along with her. The atmosphere was so beautifully intimate and calm, with blue strung lights and soft violet spots. She started off the set with “Morag” and did all of her classic hits such as “Mimi on the Beach” “ Walk on Water” and “Calling All Angels”. She graced us with a bitter sweet solo on her guitar called “Mousie”, a song which I interpretn to be about the struggles in life and how even the smallest of creatures will strive till the end.

Jane has such a pleasant and natural stage presence, she was a “pied piper” summoning the audience to follow her lead and participate along. We were transformed into her little “mousies”, captivated by her beauty, talent and charisma. Her stories and her poetic songs were beguiling and filled the air with love and warmth. One could easily spend hours feeling a part of the magic she was creating.

Jane was accompanied on stage by the talented Sophia Perlman (back-up vocals), Peter Kiesewalter (piano, music director), Whitney LaGrange (violin) and Julian Armour (chello).

There were three generous encores and after the show, Jane greeted her fans at her merchandise kiosque. Getting that up and close with such a muse as Jane is truly a gift!

Jane Siberry Set List – Ottawa Jazz Festival 2019:

Oh My

Mimi on the Beach

Hide Not Your Light


Walk on Water


Never Done Anything Hard

So on Fire

When You Go

See the Child

Calling all Angels