As movies go, The Scorpion King is “all sound and fury signifying nothing”. In and of itself, this is not necessarily a bad thing especially considering it is, after all, an action-adventure flick. Unfortunately, it
is amongst the worst of it’s ilk.

Dwayne Johnson, better known as WWF’s The Rock, plays Mathayus, a.k.a. The Scorpion King, an Acadian(!?!) assassin hired to thwart master swordsman Memnon’s plans to conquer the land and reign supreme. To this end, he sets out to kidnap Memnoch’s sexy sorceress/seer, Cassandra, played by Kelly Hu, who not surprisingly, quickly becomes both an ally as well as the requisite love interest.

While the Rock is not without charisma, his acting skills, or lack thereof, are at times cringe-inducing. Thankfully, though, his lines are kept quite short and, to the delight of wrestling fans everywhere, we are treated to the “People’s Eyebrow” o­n at least o­ne occasion.

Of course, The Scorpion King is neither high art nor epic adventure but, in a very light-hearted farcical way, it is a very funny and campy overblown big-budget “B” movie.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Audio Commentary with The Rock
  • Audio Commentary with Director Chuck Russell
  • Audio Commentary with Director Chuck Russell
  • PLUS: Legacy bonus features on the Blu-ray