Heroes is a huge sci-fi television series. It’s main story is about people all over the world discovering that they have super powers. Once they discover their powers, they all try to figure out how to live their lives with this knowledge.

Season one was raved about then season two was raked over the coals by the critics. Like many things in pop culture there was some backlash against during its second season. Everything that the public seemed to enjoy about the series disappeared in the second season. We have to cut the series some slack as season two coincided with the writers’ strike in Hollywood. To warn you in advance this season is all about action and special effects with less of an emphasis on story.

What is season three like? It is full of action, villains, government sponsored torture, surprises, twists, destiny, and of course heroes. The beginning of season three is confusing and muddled but if you stick it out for the second half you will be amply rewarded.

Season four must have left fans frustrated. Frustrated as they left it with the series with plenty of unanswered questions. Many ways they could go…

Special Features

Heroes: Season 1:
-Artwork Presentation

-Hero Connections73

-Minute Premiere Episode with Audio Commentary by Show Creator Tim Kring

-BD-Live Enabled

-Deleted Scenes

-Special Effects

-The Stunts

-Profile of Artist Tim Sale

-The Score

-Artwork Presentation, Hero Connections

-Artwork Presentation, Hero Connections, PIP Cast Video Commentaries

-Artwork Presentation, Hero Connection, PIP Cast Video Commentaries

-Making Of

Heroes: Season 2:
-Hero Connections – Bios, PIP Cast & Crew Commentaries

-Heroes Season 2 “A New Beginning”

-Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint

-BD-Live Enabled

-Hero Connections: Network

-My Scenes

-Deleted Scenes

-Genetics of a Scene

-Hero Connections – Network

-The Drucker Files

-Tim Sale Gallery of Screen Art

-Hero Connecions – Bios, PIP Cast & Crew Commentaries

-Generations Alternate Ending

-Inside the Alternate Ending of Generations

-NBC.com Featurettes

Heroes: Season 3:
-U-Control – Picture in Picture Cast & Crew Commentaries

-U-Control – Hero Connections – Bios

-Deleted Scenes

-The Super Powers of Heroes

-Hero Connections – Network


-BD-Live – Season Four Sneak Peek

-Completing the Scene

-Alternate Stories

-Pinehearst Commercial

-The Prop Box

-Tim Sale Gallery of Screen Art

-Genetics of a Scene

-The Writers’ Forum

-Building Coyote Sands

Heroes: Season 4:
-U-Control – Hero Connections – BiosDeleted/Extended Scenes

-Deconstructing Sylar

-My Scenes

-Heroes Connections – Network


-pocket BLU App

-U-Control – Picture in Picture

-Behind the Big Top

-Heroes Revolution

-Hero Connections – Network

-Milo Speaks

-Sullivan Brothers Design Gallery

-Genetics of a Scene