It was an entrancing evening on Tuesday at the MTELUS venue with Morcheeba psychedelically rocking the stage.

The band, initially a trio formed in the mid 90’s by the Godfrey brothers (Paul and Ross) and lead vocalist Skye Edwards, are now playing as a duo, (Ross and Edwards). They were accompanied by bassist Steve Gordon (Edward’s husband), Jaega Mckenna-Gordon (Edwards’s son) on drums, and keyboardist Dominic Pipkin.

From the start of their career, the band swiftly struck gold and platinum with their debut album, Who Can You Trust and their iconic tune “Trigger Hippie”. Although the band split in 2003 (Edwards left to promote her solo career), they reformed in 2010 to release their album Blood Like Lemonade. The band has released two albums since then, taking to the road to tour and promote their latest release, Blaze Away.

The roadies carefully and slowly set up the stage as the fans stood patiently waiting. When Morcheeba took the stage, the crowd quickly became enamoured as Edwards entered wearing a brilliantly bright red dress and hat to match. The dress, (which she had created) appeared to be made from leather and chiffon; form-fitting leather at the top, highlighting her perfectly fit and stunning physique. Sheer chiffon flowed like waves from one fingertip on each hand and down her waist. Edwards jokingly called her dress “ridiculous”, but it was by far haute couture which I’m sure any star would pay a fortune to wear if only for one night!

 The band started the set off with Never Undo, the title track off of their new album. They performed many of their chart-toppers, like “Never an Easy Way”, and “Part of the Process.”

The acoustics were perfect and the sound was loud but clean, earplugs would have been unnecessary, even sabotage! Although Morcheeba is not quite considered “mainstream”, the venue was filled to capacity with 2,300 beautiful and stylish fans. Edwards was a bit under the weather but we wouldn’t have known had she not mentioned it. She was bubbly and energetic, yet humbled when she expressed how uplifted and touched she was by the love and admiration of the crowd. She said, “it must be the paracetamol… I’ve got a cold coming on, I’ve got jet lag…I’ve been drinking, (it’s true) I’ve got heels on” she giggled. “ I’m not making excuses but yah, kind of… I think I’m just buzzing on the good vibe in this room, that’s what it is. I’m drunk on you!”  The crowd cheered and was absolutely ecstatic, dancing and swaying as the band began to cover David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”. 

Throughout the night, Edwards didn’t have to coax the crowd too much in getting them to sing and clap along to their timeless tunes.

The atmosphere was “party hearty” when Godfrey took a moment to indulge in a couple of hits from an atomizer with THC. He shared some with Gordon, but Edwards refused a spritz, as she was happy with her cold meds and the “ love buzz” from the crowd. The band genuinely expressed how they appreciated the openness and freedom of the use of marijuana here in Montreal.

What better way to celebrate Canada’s new legislation of cannabis than with Morcheeba on a Tuesday night!

Seeing this band live is something everyone should experience. Regardless of what genre you hold true, the seductive and sultry sounds of Ross’s guitar riffs and Edwards soothing vibrato voice will win you over note after note. Morcheeba is back in full force to fulfill the demands of their loyal and loving fans with new music and live performances all over the world. Their music is not simply contemporary, to say the least; I believe it’s ahead of its time.

If you are unfamiliar with this band, then you have a responsibility as a music lover to check them out. Trust me, you will thank me for that advice!  

Set list:

Never Undo


Never an Easy Way

Part of the Process


The Sea

Trigger Hippie

Blaze Away

Blood Like Lemonade

Let’s Dance
 (David Bowie cover)


Let Me See

Don’t Let It Bring You Down 
(Neil Young cover)

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day