Morabeza Tobacco – Ally McBeal

Swedish duo Morabeza Tobacco have always been ones to repurpose cult TV shows into their music. With their previous single ‘Defenders Of The Glam’ taken from the 80s cartoon series Defenders Of The Earth, the pair now return with their latest release ‘Ally McBeal’, although it is not actually inspired by the hit TV show. 2018 was a blinding debut year for the band, culminating with Pitchfork naming previous single ‘TTYL’ in the Top 100 Tracks of 2018.

“We’re not sure actually [where the name came from]”, the band say. “We were talking about what to name the song, then ‘Ally McBeal’ popped up and both of us thought ‘yeah, that’s the one’. One theory we have is that we associated it with one of the lines in the song (‘it’s no big deal’ =Ally McBeal)”.

Stepping away from the more groove-filled singles of recent, ‘Ally McBeal’ looks to be the band’s more ethereal and psychedelic release, With notable comparisons to the likes of Animal Collective and Toro Y Moi, the single is filled with dreamlike synths and subtle yet commanding basslines that give this new release a very grand and cinematic-like experience.

Speaking about the creation of their latest track, the pair added, “All of it was pretty much written and produced one afternoon. The feel and the harmony were inspired by The Land Before Time, another one of those nostalgia trips. It’s probably the saddest song we’ve written so far. We have one song on the upcoming album that is another candidate in the competition of being the saddest song. Let’s hope that ‘Ally McBeal’ is gonna help some people open up their tear canals for a little cry that makes them feel better afterwards”.

‘Ally McBeal’ is set to feature on the group’s long-awaited new studio album, alongside a number of previously shared singles, adding “It’s going to be an album with eleven songs we have worked on for a long time and that are all unique. You can expect love ballads with wobbly synths, groovy tracks with mystique and our take on lo-fi pop”.


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