Isabelle (Cortney Palm – Superbad, Alice in Wonderland – 2010) and George Boulangé (Matthew Marsden – Resident Evil: Extinction, Black Hawk Down) have been married for 10 years. He is an author who does very well. She does not work. He is a little stressed as he seems to be having trouble writing his next novel.

They have come to a point in their marriage in which she thinks that he is tiring of her and so she attempts to spice things up to keep George interested. Isabelle believes she is becoming a bit long in the tooth for her husband and he wants a younger woman. She will do just that, but will stay on top by being in control of this new relationship.

To celebrate George’s birthday, Isabelle suggests a trip on their boat and she brings along the young beautiful waitress from the café they frequent. Brit Cecile (Jemma Dallender – I Spit on Your Grave 2, Contract to Kill) seems game for whatever the two suggest.

The boat trip does not turn out the way anyone expected and soon Isabelle, Cecile and the ship’s captain, Blake (Hutch Dano – Ramona and Beezus, Zombeavers) are at the police station being grilled by Detective Park (Reggie Lee – from television’s Grimm) about the disappearance of George. Park is trying to figure out if anything they tell him is the truth and if George is dead or has just taken off.

Going in you realize rather quickly that this is supposed to be a thriller. A thriller involving some dark human nature and a possible murder. Or is it? Is it just the case of a husband disappearing on his wife? All sounds good and something you would want to watch, no? Well, it is a case of the execution failing the story.

First off, the pace of it all is botched. Too slow. A film like this can be slow and still work, but not to this extent. You find your attention wandering as a result. Cannot get invested in what is going on.

Another problem is the acting. Other than Reggie Lee all the others demonstrate as much emotion or range as a wooden plank. Flat. Maybe the pace has put even them to sleep. Too bad as the story had some potential.

The highlight of the film is the scenes on the boat and the beach. They look great and provide some diversion for a spell.

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