I’m still trying to understand why yesterday’s opener Garland Jefferys only played three songs. He performed “Ghost Writer” and opened his appended set with “Rough and Ready”. I believe this was the shortest set by a musician I have ever seen…..remarkable and disappointing all at the same time considering I was really looking forward to seeing Garland Jefferys again and possibly for the last time since he is retiring.  

I was concerned that perhaps a medical issue forced the short set, but then I noticed Jefferys in the crowd conversing and seeming to have fun with the folks around him.

Little Steven and his Disciples of Soul took the stage at shortly before nine and played well into the night. The Olympia was packed with a mostly high browed baby boomer crowd. From the first song till the last, the crowd was on their feet with excitement.  

The 15 Member band, including 3 backup singers and a 6 piece horn section were energized and ready to go. The band’s earlier hurried short sound check was apparent as the sound was loud and distorted. Despite this, the energy on stage was tangible and the Sopranos star was in the spotlight on this night filled with anticipation, disappoinment and unbridled music.

Set list:

Camouflage of Righteousness

Love Again

Party Mambo!


I Visit the Blues


Los Desaparecidos

A World of Our Own

Suddenly You


I Am a Patriot

Superfly Terraplane

Summer of Sorcery

Bitter Fruit

Soul Power Twist

photo credit: Sean Sisk