The title says it all and nothing all at the same time. Yes, the scenery or landscape is sparse to say the least, but it does not stop there as the story is plenty bleak as well. Rarely a gleam of light going on here. If you stand all that darkness then this might be a film which appeals to you.

The worst drought in history is happening in California and this places plenty of pressure on a farming family. One particular farming family is the focus of Desolate, a film directed by Frederick Cipoletti (Reaper, Pocket Listing). A farm town which was at one time thriving is now struggling. This type of financial collapse usually leads to desperate and depraved behaviour from humans.

Trying to seek a better quality of life for their family is the Stones. They feel like they are lost. Being forced off their land. Need to do something and quick. That something is going to demonstrate their level of desperation.

The Stones turn to crime. Into it they drag reluctantly youngest brother, Billy (Will Brittain – Kong: Skull Island). He feels threatened, like he has no choice. He leaves telling his girlfriend Kayla (Natasha Bassett – Hail, Caesar!, Spinning Man) he will be back so they can continue their lives together. Soon into it, he realizes that this might not be the case.

This type of climate pressure has brought in the criminal element. In this town it is an Asian crime lord who comes in and begins kidnapping and trafficking women. A violent group. Anyone who stands in their way finds themselves at the end of a gun barrel.

Survival…that is a big word in many ways. Film has often gone about the examination of how far humans will go to survive. It is rarely a bright subject, but definitely an interesting one.

Another favourite subject or theme of late is dystopia. Of all varieties with this one being of the climate induced one. Maybe not all Americans believe their President’s claim that climate is not an issue. We have all heard about the drought issue in California and now the worries/awareness have made their way into the cinematic art form.

Realism is high on the list of attributes of this film. Even the way it looks speaks to that. The desolate landscape really plays into creating a tone. A tone which remains note perfect throughout. There is plenty of browns and greys in the colour palette. Dust, grime and barreness. All elements, especially visual, have been thought of and produced.

The film will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Xbox.

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