RBC BluesFest25 – The Offspring @ City Stage – July 12, 2019

I’ve been a fan of The Offspring since their breakthrough album, Smash, in 1994. When I think back, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I first saw them play at The Palace in LA, but in fact, it has been over 20 years! I managed to catch them at the Heavy Fest in 2014 for their 20th anniversary tour and they were just as I remembered them the first time I saw them. The Offspring is one of those bands that is consistent with their iconic sound. They are also true to their genre, punk rock, in which they are considered to be one of the best of all time.

Last night at RBC Bluesfest25, we saw that the boys in the band have all gracefully aged but have not appeared to slow down in the least. Honestly, they didn’t sound any different from when I first saw them over 20 years ago.

They kicked off the set with Americana, instantly elevating the crowd. Frontman Holland was wearing black (as usual) and still has a full head of bleached blond hair. His energetic and charismatic presence on stage kept the fans pumped. The energy level and enthusiasm from the fans was already epic and the show had only just begun.

Noodles (AKA Kevin John Wasserman), lead guitarist for the band, was very chatty with his fans, frequently sharing his thoughts. He said such things as:

“It’s been too fu**ing long since we played in Ottawa.” (The crowd was cheering and laughing.)  

And “You are all so sexy! I’m smitten”! He announced that ACDC is one of his favourite bands, poking fun at us saying,   “ah, you know who they are?” Perfect intro for their hommage to ACDC and they played Whole Lotta Rosie.

Noodles was in a great mood and genuinely having fun, as he continued to butter up his fans, saying  “hey, they call you Ottawa but I think it should be called  OH f*ck YAHWAHTAWA! Canada f*cking rules!”.

The crowd surfing started  (peacefully with no casualties).

Although we don’t have a date yet, keep a lookout for Offspring’s new album to be released soon before the end of the year.

Band Members:

Dexter Holland

Greg K.

Noodles (AKA Kevin John Wasserman)

 Pete Parada

Set list:


All I Want

Come Out and Play

It Won’t Get Better

Want You Bad

Staring at the Sun

Whole Lotta Rosie (ACDC Cover)

Bad Habit

Gone Away

Why Don’t You Get a Job?

(Can’t Get My) Head Around You

Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

The Kids Aren’t Alright

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Self Esteem

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