Isn’t It Romantic – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Fantastic idea! A film which takes the piss out of the whole romantic comedy genre. Honestly, we have all been waiting for that. Even those who are fans of the genre. Deep down we all know that it is ridiculous. When done well fun, but silly none the less. At its most dangerous, the romantic comedy genre is hazardous. Downright dangerous! As there is a whole part of the population (unfortunately largely female) actually believes what romantic comedy is peddling. They wait for their Prince Charming to come and save them. Not realizing they don’t need to be saved and that the cute white guy isn’t always it. Isn’t It Romantic tries to demonstrate how formulaic and weak the film genre is.

Unfortunately, it falls flat on its face. A total belly flop. And not one which brings with it laughs. Which is too bad because Rebel Wilson is a good comedic actress. Totally committed and willing to go to any length for a laugh. That does not work when the material you are given is weak…or essentially unfunny. That sounds the death toll for a romantic comedy. You gotta get the people to like you and that is through humour/laughs.

Aspiring architect Natalie (Rebel Wilson – How to Be Single, The Hustle) is actually an architect, but her office mates treat her like their assistant making her get them coffee and fix the photo copier. She is actually talented though they don’t know as they never take her seriously.

On top of that she is a love cynic, so there is no one in her life romantically. Her work buddy Josh (Adam Devine – Pitch Perfect, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) would like to be her boyfriend, but she doesn’t even wanna go there so doesn’t notice. So anti-love, Natalie even lectures her assistant Whitney (Betty Gilpin – from television’s Glow) about her obsession with romantic comedies.

One evening coming home from work, Natalie’s worst nightmare occurs. She is mugged…that is not it…and wakes up in the hospital…that is not it…and slowly figures out she is in the middle of a romantic comedy. Everything is hearts and flowers in her life. A rich handsome guy (Liam Hemsworth – The Hunger Games, Independence Day: Resurgence) who previously did not even pay attention to her is now head or heels in love with Natalie. She lives in a great apartment and even her dog is amazing.

It all seems great until it isn’t. She begins to realize that existing in a romantic comedy is not all it is chocked up to be. Namely she never gets to actually have sex with Josh and her best friend Josh is going to get married to a beautiful woman (Priyanka Chopra – Baywatch). Now she just wants to get back to her old life, but how?

You know that things are not working when as a person watching you feel like the script could have stood another going over. To tighten things up or even change sections entirely.

Instead of laughing you find yourself sad. Sad because you see how close they are to making it work. Great idea, poor execution. It all comes down to script and direction. Both are rather muddled. Not sharp enough or totally sure where they are headed.

Where it did excel was the look. Totally pink and big. Looking like something from the 80s. They completely went for it and landed in this instance.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-I Wanna Dance!

-Deleted Scenes

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