Montreal’s March des Possibles is back for a 6th edition running from June 21 through July 28, 2019. The IMTL team takes over the site on Friday, July 19 as of 5 pm to celebrate summer around mouth-watering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and delectable vegan and gluten-free desserts homemade with love.

Four bands will offer an electronic, world and psychedelic soundtrack to the afternoon in the parc, located at 5635 Saint-Dominique street. They’ll have something for all tastes: Acid House Ragas (the solo project from Elephant Stone frontman and renowned sitarist Rishi Dhir) will kick off the festivities with their sitar-driven electronic-psychedelia. Titelaine, a new electro-pop discovery at Les Francouverte’s 2019 edition will get you moving your feet. Briga’s enchanting Eastern European-influenced violin-based compositions will close out the live music. Last but not least, Debbie Tebbs will end the evening with a characteristically swinging synth pop DJ set. The event is totally free to attend with a paid food stand. The first show starts at 5:30 pm.

** INFO***

Friday, July 19, 2019
5635 Saint-Dominique street
Doors 5:00 pm | Show 5:30 pm

5:30 pm | Acid House Ragas

7 pm | Titelaine
8:30 pm | Briga
10 pm | Debbie Tebbs (DJ set)

Free All-Ages admission

About the artists:

– Acid House Ragas – Seated barefoot on a small rug, Acid House Ragas, a.k.a. Rishi Dhir, plucks his sitar, captivating audiences with its exotic sound. The musician formed the Montreal-based indie band Elephant Stone in 2009 and has gained a devoted fan following for his signature eccentric sound. Starting with some traditional tunes, the Acid House Ragas set works in electronic rhythms that blend seamlessly with the dreamy twangs of the sitar, building until it is tradition-meets synthesizer. This is full-blown psychedelia, performed live by a mesmerizing artist who will captivate the crowd until the only thing left to do is dance.
Acid House Ragas is the latest musical project from internationally acclaimed sitar player, Rishi Dhir (MIEN, Elephant Stone) and synth guru Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy). Think of it as Ravi Shankar jamming with Phuture.

– Titelaine –Electro-Pop duo Titelaine launched its debut EP “Autour de Toi” in the summer of 2018. Since then they’ve been opening for well acclaimed artists such as Milk & Bone, Emilie Kahn, Philip Brach and Kl Pelgag, and took part in the 2019’s Edition of Les Francouvertes (Province of Quebec). The Montreal-based unit will make you dance to its catchy rhythms and soft melodies in its unique pastel-hued world.

– Briga –

Briga’s music is a reflection of her fragmented identity. She’s a creator, a composer, a producer, and a tastemaker She’s a violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and a vocalist… Recipient of the Stingray Rising Star Award, and nominee at the Juno Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards,  and Qu bec’s ADISQ awards, her songs are half instrumental, half written in French and English, of which all are accompanied by her fervent violin firmly rooted in eastern European and Romani folk sounds learned from the days her father played the piano to put the children to sleep. Her body of work includes four albums: Diaspora (2009),  Turbo Folk Stories (2012), Wake (2014), and Femme (2017), along with numerous performances across Canada, the United-States, Europe, and north Africa. Her unique sound is described as bringing a Balkan/Quebecois mash-up of music, delivered with a Turbo Folk edge, wrapped up in heavy grooves that drive her wailing violin and sweet voice.

– Debbie Tebbs –
Hailed by the media as an iconic figure of Quebec’s electronic landscape, Debbie Tebbs composes electronic music with a new wave vibe, blending rich sounds that are both vintage and futuristic. An electronic jack of all trade, Debbie Tebbs skillfully steers synthesizers, sequencers, keytars, mics and percussions with impressive ease and boundless energy that never fail to impress. Known to offer energetic and memorable concerts through a visually unique technological universe, Debbie Tebbs and her musicians offer outstanding performances that expertly blend nostalgia and technology. Often flirting with androgyny and a vocal eclecticism reminiscent of Ladytron, Tebbs has her own way of merging futuristic electronic music with 80’s inspired synth pop music, such as a mesh between Depeche Mode and Daft Punk.