Cubby @ Outfest

Mark (Mark Blane – first feature film) is a 26-year-old living in rural Indiana with his mother. A strange young man he lies to his mother (Patricia Richardson – from television’s Home Improvement) telling her he has got a job at a prestigious New York City art gallery.

In actuality he does not have a job nor anywhere to live. Desperate he reaches out to a college buddy to rent a room at his place. To make a bit of money he takes on a babysitting job. He is watching the young six-year-old son of a well off family in Brooklyn.

Because he is really socially awkward, Mark does not make friends easily. Or at all. As such he really only talks to a six-year-old and, due to a drug laced cupcake, the imaginary Leather Man (Christian Patrick).

Cubby is a film based on co-director and screenwriter Mark Blane’s life. Very brave to portray yourself as being unable to connect with anyone your age. Most people put the coolest version of themself up onscreen if they are going to do so.

Fake Mark is annoying. Yet charming. You cannot help but be on his side. Somehow…even though you spend most of the film wanting to kill him. Past all that it brings to light the complexities of human relationships or interactions.

A real out there on a limb type of debut film by a young filmmaker. It is rather unusual, yet still manages to be funny. Somehow an oddball, a six-year-old and an imaginary character called Leather Man makes for an engaging watch. Shows how under the oddest of circumstances hope is still possible to be found. Coming-of-age done differently.

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