The world of comic books in film has been a tale of polar opposites. Whereas whatever Marvel seems to touch turns to gold, DC Comics has encountered stumble after stumble. Even with the biggies in their superhero stable like Superman and Batman have crashed and burned. For every success DC has like Aquaman, Shazam and Wonder Woman they have dogs like Green Lantern and the latest incarnations of Superman and Batman.

A big budget and a cast filled with known entities in Hollywood. That isn’t even a guarantee of success. Not in this instance, anyway. Instead you get one corny and phony moment after another.

Yet the film made money. Quality does not always equal quantity. Eyes were on Suicide Squad. While many laughed at the lack of quality of the film, everyone loved Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn though. Lots of young girls dressed up like her for Halloween. Girls just aching for a female superhero/villain. Then there was the whole Joker thing. After Heath Ledger’s iconic turn as Joker it was claimed that no one else should touch the role with a ten foot pole. In comes Jared Leto. With his own version of the Joker. Though he was not given that much to work with. Just kept cropping up every so often in a weirdly random way.

Too bad as this was a film loads of people wanted to see. Ended up a large flop despite the hype. A flop everywhere but the box office. Enough people went to see it that there will be a sequel. Can’t be any worse, right?

As such they were hoping for that a new twist would bring them success. The bright idea was to group together several of their greatest super villains in a kind of new gang which, though they are bad guys, everyone will want to be a part of. They called this gang Suicide Squad.

Finally it seems like the government is willing to listen to Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis). Something, an idea, which she has been trying to pedal for years. That she would gather and control a group of the baddest bad guys out there. Release them from prison and have them fight on behalf of the government. She had worked on controlling them and would also offer them time off their sentences for each mission they succeed at. The U.S. government, finding itself really desperate, finally agrees.

So Deadshot (played by Will Smith), Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie), Slipknot (played by Adam Beach), Diablo (played by Jay Hernandez), Captain Boomerang (played by Jai Courtney), and Killer Croc (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) are out in the free world. Joined by Katana (played by Karen Fukuhara) and under the command of Colonel Rick Flag (played by Joel Kinnaman).

Their mission is not an easy one as the government would have never agreed to Waller’s plan otherwise. They are to go up against the powerful Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne). Will this ragtag group of baddies be able to work together long enough to defeat her?

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Task Force X: One Team, One Mission

-Chasing the Real

-Joker + Harley: “It” Couple of the Underworld

-Squad Strength and Skills

-Armed to the Teeth

-This is Gonna Get Loud: The Epic Battles of Suicide Squad

-The Squad Declassified

-Gag Reel

-Trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman