Domesicle Summer Edition @ SAT – July 20, 2019

Ever since the dawn of time…ok, a little after that…maybe since the advent of music videos – the marriage of music and visuals has been a natural one. It seems like you cannot have one without the other, especially in today’s world (listen up closely, Sia!).

An even more natural coming together is that of electronic music and the visual arts. One lends so naturally to the other I cannot remember a time they did not exist in partnership. Natural because they amplify each other rather than one putting one in the shadows. Almost like you enjoy them as a complete thought.

Domesicle is an event which celebrates the two. It has been happening each season (yes, we still have those in Montreal…kinda….) at SAT or the Soci t Des Arts Technologiques on St. Laurent below Ste. Catherine. Another natural marriage as SAT is a venue which just lends itself to this kind of event or evening.

It happened over the winter and was popular, so it is continuing throughout the summer. Domesicle, as the title would indicate, involves different DJs coming in to do sets coupled with visuals which are projected on the domed ceiling in a space on the second floor of the venue. It is taking place over seven nights during the summer. The nights are spread out and I attended the second one last night.

Each of the evenings has a theme or host with last night’s being NAFF. NAFF Recordings is a record label created by Adam Feingold and Francis Latreille which operates out of Montreal and Toronto and specializes in house, bass and techno. They brought along some of their talent like DJ Priori, DJ Gene Tellem and DJ Dust-e-1, who all worked in conjunction with visual artist VJ Level of Detail.

The evening begins at 10 p.m. and runs until 3 a.m. They will continue to happen every Saturday night at SAT until August 17th. Different DJs will do sets like DJ 99 Wolves, DJ Plug ‘n Pray and DJ Cherry Cola alongside a number of visual artists like VJ Captain Cruiser, VJ Gold Casanova and VJ Delta. Obviously their creativity extends to the names the pick! August 3 will be a special post Osheaga soiree to keep the party going.

Of course, the events are all 18+ and are an affordable $8 (except for the Osheaga night which is still affordable at presale price of $12) to get into. You can buy your tickets right on the Domecile website (below).

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