Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life – Two-Disc Special Edition

What can be said other than everything that the Monty Python troop does is comedy gold. This film, which is really just a collection of skits loosely along the theme of the stages of life, was first released in 1983. Rare is a film made 36 years ago that can still make people laugh. I think it will bring forth laughter for time immemorial.

A tag line for the film is that it took six days fo create the Earth and Monty Python just one hour and 48 minutes to screw it up. As funny as that is there is some truth to it. In this film Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones (who also directed), John Cleese, Michael Palin, and Eric Idle take turns making us laugh by being brilliant and completely ridiculous. Guaranteed laughs follow.

The film is divided into seven parts – The Miracle of Birth, Parts 1 and 2, Growth and Learning, Fighting Each Other – War, Middle Age, Live Organ Transplants, The Autumn Years, and finally, Death. Each section is sublime with such beloved (yet largely zany) skits and songs (what is Monty Python without singing?) as the machine that goes “bing”, “Every Sperm is Sacred”, a class on sex, a birthday celebration in the trenches, liver donor card, fetch me a bucket, and of course, “Christmas in Heaven”.

Nothing tasteful happens. Plenty of banality and downright disgusting things happen. Yet, you are never anything but amused. Nothing is sacred. No boundaries they are unwilling to cross. In other words, brilliant comedy.

Special Features:

-Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam Commentary

-Soundtrack for the Lonely

-Snipped Bits

-The Meaning of Making the Meaning of Life

-Song and Dance

-What Fish Think

-Educative Tips

-Un Film de John Cleese

-Remastering a Masterpiece


-Songs Unsung

-Selling the Meaning of Life

-Web Links

-Virtual Reunion

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