Good Kisser @ Outfest

Every couple has their problems. Being together is work. Being together for a long time brings with it additional issues. Boredom. Complacency. Feeling of being trapped. Wondering what else is out there. Some turn to sex to try and keep things fresh. This is what Kate (Rachel Paulson – from television’s @DatingZoe) proposes to her girlfriend of almost two years, Jenna (Kari Alison Hodge – from television’s Crazy Bitches). Though Jenna is quite hesitant, she loves Kate and wants her to be happy, so gives in to the proposition of engaging in a threesome.

They arrive at the exotic Mia’s (Julia Eringer – Amy Winehouse: Fallen Star) place. Kate has previously met Mia, so there is no awkwardness there. The exact opposite is the case with Jenna. She is a mess. Not sure she can go through with it. At the beginning it is anything but fun and sexy.

After some time alone with Mia, Jenna’s nerves seem to have settled considerably. So much so that she finds herself really attracted to Mia. Wine, a round of tequila shots, dancing, and a game has the night going in the right direction.

Then, after Jenna’s nerves crop up again and she has an illuminating talk with a man (Carter Rodriquez – appeared in episodes of Z Nation and Grimm) staying in the guest cottage at Mia’s, things start to go all wrong yet again. Jenna decides she has to leave. Kate stays. The night ends with plenty of surprises.

Director and screenwriter Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together) is a veteran filmmaker and has made a number of LGBTQ films. Well known in that community, she tends to make personal films. Films which she has experience with the subject matter. This one is about self-discovery and unspoken truths.

Good Kisser is persented almost like a play taking place mostly in one setting and featuring basically three characters. Happening over the course of one single evening this is a rather intimate affair. While you might never have found yourself in the exact situation the couple here does we can all relate it to something we have done when in a relationship. We all do things to make the other happy even though it might not do the same for us.

While the acting was spotty at times, the chemistry between the three was rather good making the romance scenes believable. Important as this is basically a threesome one night stand. All hinges upon us wanting watch them get it on.

Besides the sex, there are some rather complex feelings which crop up. Gray areas abound. Conflicted feelings. Second guessing. A power imbalance which happens in plenty of relationships. Along with losing confidence in oneself. All that is kept interesting because who is what keeps fluctuating throughout. At one moment Kate is in a postion of power and then the next is impotent and filled with doubt. She wants to have her cake (Jenna) and eat it (Mia) too. Our sympathies sway from one character to the next. Then finally one character comes to a realization that she is not happy and decides to put herself first from now on.

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