Directed by Renaud Gauthier (Discopathe)

Blood, water slides and Canadian rock – Aquaslash is a delicious throwback to slasher films of the 80s.

Teens from the graduating class of 2018 have organized an 80s theme party at a local water slide park to celebrate the end of school. They arrive with suitcases of alcohol, drugs and tiny bikinis. Little do they know they are being watched and terrorized by an unknown psychopath.

The celebration takes place at Wet Valley water park, filmed at Quebec’s Point Calumet Super Aqua Club over 15 days in chilly October. Gauthier succeeds in transforming the park location into feeling unchanged since opening in the 80s with it’s faded blue slides, rickety wooden steps, run-down snack bar and picnic tables. The 80s vibe is accentuated by the Canadian soundtrack with music by Corey Hart and Honeymoon Suite.

The plot involves flashbacks to a dead body from 30 years ago and the impending present day sale of the park. Neither of which really matter, we are here for the blood.

The film is made up of a fresh young cast featuring many Montreal locals. Characters include beguiling water park co-owner Priscilla (Brittany Drisdelle) and her cokehead park manager husband Paul (Nick Walker). Paul is involved in an age-inappropriate affair with class president and party ring leader Alice (Madeline Harvey). There is also the jealousy-fueled love triangle made up of combative lifeguard manager Tommy (Paul Zinno), rock band lead singer Josh (Nicolas Fontaine) and his ex-girlfriend Kim (Lanisa Dawn). Special mention goes to audience favourite, the classic creepy park caretaker Conrad (Chip Chuika).

While victims start to pile up mid way through the film, the blood and gore only make a true appearance during the annual Sea Snake competition. With teens racing down the slippery slide fashioned with razor sharp intersecting blades, the pool fills with more and more blood and body parts.

With a low budget, tight filming schedule and up-and-coming cast, Aquaslash delivers on summer fun for fans yearning for
the Golden Age of slasher films.