Killing Eve: Season Two

While the first season of this BBC television show was universally raved about by critics and fans alike season two has been a little bumpier with some continuing with the love fest while others a little let down. You almost had to expect this as that kind of adoration cannot last.

The brilliant Phoebe Waller Bridge (Fleabag) has not written the second season and some are saying that it shows. Bemoaning began that the previously well written and original show was now slipping into cliche territory. I still find it as darkly hilarious and subversive as it ever was.

Sandra Oh’s character has been a little bit more problematic this season as she is lost. With the separation from her husband and the “linking” up with Villanelle. Following more than being proactive, as such this has turned some people off. The exact opposite is true of her acting partner, Jodie Comer. She is put to the test even more this season with the result being her coming through showing her talent. It is, by nature, a showy role, but somehow Comer is able to reel it in enough to make it all so believable instead of venturing into complete cartoon.

Season two takes up 30 seconds after the end of season one. Eve (played by Sandra Oh) has to deal with the aftermath of her and Villanelle’s (played by Jodie Comer) latest clash. While Eve is totally spiraling Carolyn (played by Fiona Shaw) approaches her with an offer. Villanelle manages to find, yet again, the right (?) person at the right time in order to help her get out of her latest scrape. Carolyn introduces Eve to her new team.

Bodies start appearing again. Is it Villanelle? Another assassin? Soon Eve and her team are after an assassin known as The Ghost (played by Jung Sun den Hollander).

After that is cleared up, the unexpected happens. Villanelle and Eve begin working together. While undercover Villanelle gets herself in deep again jeopardizing both her own life and Eve’s. Carolyn leaves Eve’s next move up to her.

Special Features:


  • Picking Up From Season One (2:45)
  • Eve’s World (3:13)
  • Villanelle’s World (2:15)
  • Script to Screen (2:24)
  • Carolyn’s World (3:04)
  • Costume (3:04)
  • Locations (2:32)
  • New Characters (2:45)

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