Iron Man – 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Edition

Stating that millionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. – Chaplin, Charlie Bartlett) is a confident ladies man is a gross understatement. Equally charming to men and women, Stark finds himself in a situation that even he cannot talk his way out of.

While in the Middle East visiting American soldiers on duty the convoy that Stark is traveling with is ambushed. Ironically, the bomb that is used in the ambush was made by Stark Industries. The soldiers are all killed and Stark is gravely wounded in the chest. After waking up from an unconscious state, Stark finds himself inside a cave, hooked up to a strange machine and a captive. Another captive named Yinsen (Shaun Toub -The Kite Runner, Stigmata), explains that he has operated on his chest and that the machine is to keep the fragments away from his heart.

Much later the terrorists want Stark to build them one of his Jericho missiles. He refuses so they begin to torture him. After much torture Stark seems to give in and to start building the missile for them, but in actuality he and Yinsen are building a powered weapon suit and a power-heart that will help them escape. Yinsen dies, but Stark escapes after destroying the terrorists’ stockpile of weapons.

Stark’s friend Rhody (Terrence Howard – Crash, Hustle & Flow) finds him wandering in the desert. Once back in the United States Tony Starks calls a press conference. He tells the public that Stark Industries will no longer have a weapons division. This causes Stark Industries stock to drop and his business partner Obadiah (Jeff Bridges – The Big Lebowski, The Fabulous Baker Boys) is furious.

Stark decides to build a new and improved suit with plenty of serious upgrades. At the same time the terrorists in the desert are collecting the pieces of the destroyed first suit. Once the suit is developed Tony Stark has now become Iron Man. Obadiah, a man to whom power and money are everything, also wants the design plans of the suit and will stop at nothing, even betraying his business partner, to get his hands on them. Iron Man (Stark) finds his hands full battling all the bad guys.

Before there was “The Dark Knight” all the talk this year was about the film “Iron Man” and rightly so. It is an excellent superhero film. It was the year’s first block buster and a whole lotta fun to boot.

It should not come as too big a surprise as the wonderful (and supposedly sober) Robert Downey Jr. plays the superhero. Every actor in the film is good, but Downey Jr. steals the show with his charisma and intelligence. He is perfect for the part and the script is solid. It is an action films with some substance to it and bravo to the filmmakers for believing that it is not a bad thing for an action film to have some intelligence. Probably makes this film more interesting for adults rather than the usual teenage action film fan.

Here’s to hoping we have the beginning of a new movie franchise.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Hall of Armor

-The Invincible Iron Man

-Deleted and Extended Scenes

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