leader in medical-aesthetic care, Quebec company Epiderma is proud to offer
facial care to better meet the needs of its clientele.

the skin care provided by its 25 clinics in Quebec and Ontario, this new facial
care system offers age-defying solutions that protect skin from the elements
(pollution, Canadian winters, sun exposure). Developed by Institut Esthederm
Paris, the prestigious French beauty brand, these luxurious treatments bring a
youthful glow to all skin types, even the most delicate and challenging.

are the two new facial treatments:

  • Vital- clat facial treatment/ 60 minutes – 95 $

Vital- clat deep facial treatment helps the skin regain its softness and
restores moisture. For lackluster or dull complexions, this energizing
treatment stimulates the skin’s cellular renewal, boosting its natural
radiance, vitality and tone, and works with all skin types.

It’s a
relaxing break that leaves you glowing.

  • ge Expert facial treatment / 70 minutes – 145 $

Expert’s anti-wrinkle action reduces wrinkles and fine lines, while signs of
fatigue from daily stress quickly fade to reveal a radiant and rested
complexion. This powerful treatment improves the quality of all aspects of the
skin. Delay the signs of aging – you can afford to treat yourself!

“Healthy skin begins with facial
care. By introducing Esthederm facial treatments alongside our
microdermabrasion, peeling and anti-wrinkle treatments, Epiderma clinics are
even more accessible to our clients with improved services and quality
products,” said Jacinthe Blais, Director of National Operations.

“We are pleased to count the
Epiderma network among our centres in Quebec. Our partnership evolved
naturally, as our brand has devoted 50 years to supporting women and
neutralizing the factors of aging,” said Marie-Laurence Bergeron, Business
Development at Esthederm Canada.


Driven by the desire to provide a personalized,
professional and safe service to its clients, Epiderma offers anti-wrinkle
injection treatments, skin peeling and microdermabrasion treatments, various
techniques to treat varicose veins, rosacea, skin tags and cellulitis, along
with bodily remodelling treatments. They also offer laser tattoo removal, hand
rejuvenation therapies, laser hair removal and an exclusive range of
specialized cosmetics. Epiderma has over 225,000 clients and has performed over
2.2 million treatments to date. Founded in Quebec in 2000, the company has
quickly become a leader in medical aesthetic care. The company employs over 140
people at its 24 clinics in Quebec and Ontario. Visit www.epiderma.ca to find out more.

Institut Esthederm

by the French biological pharmacist and cell specialist, Jean-No l Thorel,
Institut Esthederm has offered the most innovative cosmetic solutions for
treatment of skin aging since the 1970s. Focusing its research on major areas
such as hydration, dermal stimulation, sun protection and hyperpigmentation,
the Institute’s researchers have developed methodologies and expertise in these
areas to better understand the physiology of healthy skin and its environmental
adaptation mechanisms.

to innovative active ingredients, synergies, Institut Esthederm brings
effective and more efficient solutions to the fights against aging.