New Amsterdam: Season One

At the oldest public hospital in the United States they have hired a new young medical director and he has his work cut out for him. Dr. Max Goodwin (played by Ryan Eggold) has as his own personal goal that they will provide top line personal care to everyone who walks through their doors. This has been tried before, never to any degree of success, so everyone is skeptical. The status quo is going to be dumped on its head.

Dr. Goodwin is going to have work miracles as he soon discovers that most areas are understaffed and underfunded to work the way he wants them to. Yet he is not willing to give up. Everyone will be tested as they will have to treat a wide variety of cases or illnesses like Ebola, a prisoner from Rikers and even the President of the United States. If he is successful the New Amsterdam will once again be a highest thought of hospital in the country.

Most, I am sure, were underwhelmed when they found out that there was going to be another network medical drama. Totally a sense of been there, done that. Stale idea, to say the least. Yet, somehow it will draw you in, if you give it a chance.

Acting is strong and the storylines are all current. Plenty of focus on hot button issues. The characters are all varied and likable. You will root for most of them wanting success in their professional and personal lives.

The idea that it is forwarding that the health care system in our neighbours to the south would be run not for profit, but rather to the end of keeping people healthy is rather laughable. They are so far away from it that it is rather fantastical. Dreams are a nice thing to have, though. Television is supposed to be escapism,

Special Features:

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