Dystopian animated feature is the best way to describe the uneven but ultimately entertaining MFKZ. Loads of clever social commentary goes on here.

It is based on the comic series by Guillaume “Run” Renard and is a combo of anime sci fi and hip hop. Intrigued? Who wouldn’t be, right? Read on!

Total subculture stuff happening here. Cool animation with equally cutting edge music. High level of creativity. What does bring it down a little is the predictability level of the story plus the fact that the whole romance aspect seemed a little forced.

Angelino (voiced by Orelsan) and his buddy Vinz (voiced by Gringe) live in a run down cockroach infested apartment in Dark Meat City, a city which lives up to its name. No one should really live there. The two roomies struggle to make ends meet and pay the rent. Doesn’t help when Angelino keeps getting fired.

Things get rather hectic after a scooter accident involving a mysterious women whom Angelino is attracted to. On the down side, Angelino begins to suffer from migraines and hallucinations after the accident. More befuddling are the fits of rage along with superpowers he seems to now possess. This leads to Angelino finding out stuff about himself and his origins he previously knew nothing about.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-The Making of MFKZ