Another Montreal home town talent to take the
stage at the festival is Geoffroy Sauv , a multitalented musician
singer/songwriter and producer. Geoffroy’s style is rather eclectic, leaning
towards indie-pop, and with flavours and influences of music from all over the
world. The artist has extensively traveled and this is an evident influence in
his writing and compositions. 

Geoffroy, a former contestant of the Quebec franchise of La Voix, launched his debut album “Coastline” in 2015. Since his debut, he has been working hard to further his career and delve deeper into his art.

His show at the festival was short and sweet, as unfortunately, he only had 30 minutes to play, so we only had a sampling of his songs. He played some of his smooth laid back tunes like “Sleeping on my Own” and “Coastline”, the title track from his debut with the same name. He also shared with us a new composition of his.

You can encourage this bright and
upcoming artist by downloading his latest tunes @ and