What an awesome treat it was to have seen Margaret Cho perform stand-up at the festival last night. Cho is famous for her in your face, take no shit from anyone (even a psycho chasing her with a tire iron) attitude. She is outspoken and transparent (to say the least), and the crowd was in tears from laughing so much. Personally, my cheeks (the ones on my face) are still sore from having a constant smile for an hour.

Cho, who identifies as “bisexual”, ripped into all kinds of stereotypes, starting with her own culture, then Lesbians and gay men. 

She gave passionate commentary about the current administration in her country (the USA), and she sincerely apologized for Trump, saying how “embarrassing” it is to have him as their president. She shared a few stories such as one with Sarah Palin and her daughter, where she confessed to having an attraction for highly conservative women.

She was graphic and did not hold back one cent when talking about sex. Enacting how it might seem if a gay man were to go downtown (so to speak), for the first time only for charity. This would be the most subtle way I could suggest what she said, but, I believe the picture tells the story in better detail.

The way Cho takes TMI to another level is masterful. She made some strong political statements, which, when saying them so was rather serious. Particularly about how damaging it is when women of power go against other women. She also made important commentary about current changes to abortion legislation in the States and how the impacts will be devastating to the progress women’s groups had made. Cho has been and will always be a strong force, voicing out for women and queers everywhere.

The venue was filled to the maximum and the energy was festive and spirited. The show ran for an hour and after the show, we have no doubt that Cho got herself that “poutine” she said she was anxious to have!