The Good Doctor: Season Two

Network television has taken a big hit of late. Meaning streaming or specialty outfits like Crave, Netflix and HBO have cut into their numbers in a big way. Television series are being consumed in a different way today. If you don’t have something special about you then viewers will seek out alternates.

The Good Doctor, on ABC, is one of the exceptions. A show on a regular cable station which gained a loyal following. Though on the surface it looks like yet another medical drama, this one is different. Mostly because the lead character is “different”. As such, even though different from most of us, he draws us into his life.

Dr. Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) has autism and savant syndrome – one helps him be a good surgeon while the other makes it a little more difficult. Moving from a rural area to a big city would be enough of a change for most but for someone like Shaun it is all that much harder. As relating to others is difficult for him it leads to both patients and colleagues to not have much faith in his abilities.

This season he is challenged on many fronts. His patients present with more difficult cases/illnesses/conditions and as he is getting closer to people at work these new friendships provide him with interpersonal challenges.

The show deals with the challenges of autism, but also shows what people on the spectrum are capable of. Viewers with Aspbergers might even be able to see themselves in Shaun. Viewers who are not familiar with it will definitely learn things.

Monday nights has become The Good Doctor night. With its solid acting and engaging storylines, many a family gather together to watch it.

Special Features:

  • Gag reel
  • Deleted and extended scenes
  • Bringing Shaun’s visions to life
  • Diagnosing Shaun’s visions
  • Behind the Curtain of Key scenes

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