Mutek 2019 – Opening Show @ PY1 – August 20, 2019

I had not been lucky enough to attend anything at the Guy Lalibert ‘s, who cofounded Cirque du Soleil, new venue, PY1, at the Old Port. Thankfully I got that opportunity courtesy of Mutek. The opening show of the 20th edition of Mutek happened at PY1 and involved music by Monolake (Robert Henke) and visuals by Diagraf.

It was a short show or what I mean to say is one of perfect length. At just over an hour, it kept everyone there entranced throughout. The melange of eye popping visuals and the minimalist techno was amazing.

Because of the all encompassing nature of the visuals and sound (meaning it felt like you were immersed within them) it was like you were transported to another place and time for a short period. Almost as if you had discovered a brand new world.

Because Robert Henke/Monolake is a visual artist himself, who has himself developed shows involving not just his music but lasers and audio visuals, he really understands the concept of this particular marriage of the arts. His music was/is perfectly suited for what Diagraf produced. The visuals were largely white, sharp and otherworldly. Music matched the tone. Eyes and ears combined to create something wonderful in the listeners’/viewers’ minds.

The high tech capabilities of this venue are incredible. With the effect of all this compounded by the shape of it (pyramid). I highly recommend you take in something at PY1 (designed by Lune Rouge Entertainment) before it disappears for the winter.