Writer/Director: Garin Hovannisian
Sales Contact: Submarine
Documentary Subjects: Nikol Pashinyan, Anna Hakobyan, Serzh Sargsyan, Valeriy Osipyan, Armen Sarkissian, Raffi K. Hovannisian, and Serj Tankian
Producers: Garin Hovannisian, Alec Mouhibian, Tatevik Manoukyan, Eric Esrailian, Serj Tankian, and Joe Berlinger
Running Time: 90 Minutes
TIFF Website: https://www.tiff.net/events/i-am-not-alone

Directed by Garin Hovannisian and produced by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian, I AM NOT ALONE is a captivating documentary that recounts the incredible velvet revolution that took place in Armenia last year. RESIN, on the other hand, is gorgeously filmed dark thriller premiering in Contemporary World Cinema and directed by Daniel Joseph Borgman, one of Europe’s most exciting up-and-coming directors.

On Easter 2018, a man put on a backpack and began to walk across Armenia. His mission: to inspire a velvet revolution and topple the corrupt regime that enjoys absolute power in his post-soviet nation. With total access to all key players, I AM NOT ALONE tells the miraculous true story of what happened in the next 40 days.

Saturday, September 7th at 7:15PM @ Scotiabank 10 – 1st Public Screening
Sunday, September 8th at 5:00PM @ scotiabank 5 – 1st Press & Industry Screening
Monday, September 9th at 4:45PM @ Scotiabank 11- 2nd Public Screening
Thursday, September 12th at 9:15AM @ Scotiabank 7 – 2nd Press & Industry Screening
Sunday, September 12th at 1:15 AM @ Scotiabank 13 – 3rd Public Screening

RESIN (Contemporary World Cinema)

Writer/Director: Daniel Joseph Borgman
Sales Contact: Trust Nordisk
Cast: Vivelill S gaard Holm, Peter Plaugborg, Sofie Gr b l, Ghita N rby, Amanda Collin
Producers: Katja Adomeit and Peter Aalb k Jensen
Running Time: 92 Minutes
TIFF Website:https://www.tiff.net/events/resin

Liv, a precocious thirteen-year-old, lives deep in the forest with her simple-minded father Jens and her obese, bedridden mother Maria. Sheltered from the outside world, the family survives on what they can find in nature. Here, even the smallest things have a soul, and great meaning can be found in the journey of an ant into the sap of tree roots. What Liv doesn’t know is that her parents have a dark secret; they have made the outside world believe that she is dead in an attempt to escape society’s norms and demands. Liv’s curiosity propels her to venture into the world, and suddenly, their reclusive existence is threatened by increasing interference from the outside.


Sun, Sep 08 Scotiabank Theatre Subtitled 9:00pm

Mon, Sep 09 Scotiabank Theatre Subtitled 5:45pm

Sat, Sep 14 Scotiabank Theatre Subtitled 4:15pm