It seems like the film world does not have many original ideas when it comes to certain films genres. Romantic comedy is the one that comes immediately to mind but horror comes a close second. This one is so transparent in its lack of imagination that it references the recent Annabelle films. Even the makeup has the look of something we have seen before.

A horror film’s main goal is to scare you. If it doesn’t then really what is it doing? In this area Michael Chaves’s film fails miserably. There are precious few really scary moments to be found here. Tension was missing. Those nerves you get when you feel something is about to happen. No sudden, out of nowhere scares. They do attempt those make you jump scares a couple of times but they are so predictable you see them coming from a mile away.

Plus the story is rather weak. With tons of head scratching decisions made by different characters and a really bad ending, you just have nothing to sink your teeth into here.

If you go into this one with really low expectations you might find some entertainment value, but….

It is 1973 in the city of Los Angeles and a single mother who works as a social worker is trying to juggle the tough double duty of being an only parent and working. Plus on an emotional level Anna (played by Linda Cardellini) is still working through the death of her husband.

While working she is asked to check in on the household of Patricia Alvarez (played by Patricia Velasquez). There she thinks she happens upon child abuse with two sons being locked in a closet. Anna looks into getting the seemingly frightened Patricia the help she needs placing her under psychiatric hold and the young boys in protective custody.

In the shelter the two boys are brought to strange things begin to happen. Strange noises at night then the bodies of the boys are fished from a nearby river. A devastated Patricia blames Anna for the tragedy. In a frenzy, she tells the social worker that La Llorona has her sons and it will now be after Anna’s kids.

After at first dismissing this, Anna begins to believe. She turns to former priest Rafael Olvera (played by Raymond Cruz) for help. Anna, Rafael and the kids prepare themselves for the battle that will happen when the sun goes down.

Special Features:

  • The Myth of La Llorona
  • Behind the Curse
  • The Making of a Movie Monster
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Storyboards
  • Digital Cop