The Lost City of Z – Blu-ray Edition

Based on a book by David Grann, this is a film which looks great but drags and goes no where…slowly…very slowly. The visuals, provided by cinematographer Darius Khondji, are breathtaking at times. They are definitely the highlight.

What drags things almost to a halt is the story and its lack of intrigue. It plods forward rather predictably. Too predictably.

It is rather cool to see Charlie Hunnam coming into his own as an actor. He had begun to take on different roles. We had become used to seeing him as the tough yet vulnerable biker gang guy on Sons of Anarchy. Now he was stretching his acting muscles by showing his range.

Being a family man who wants to advance in his chosen career field, Brit Percy Fawcett (played by Charlie Hunnam) finds himself stalled. Stalled because he is not of the right background. To try and reach his goals and gain some respect from his peers, Percy becomes an explorer. This causes him to be away from his beloved wife Nina (played by Sienna Miller) and kids but is a means to a bigger goal.

At the end of 19th century he stumbles upon evidence of an unknown and highly advanced civilization which existed in the Amazon jungle. Percy wants to go back as soon as possible to explore further. Convincing others to fund such an endeavour proves to be a tall order.

The scientific community mocks him but he finds people to financially support multiple trips to the area. He is supported through this by his wife and helped on the actual trips by aide de camp Henry Costin (played by Robert Pattinson) and eventually his eldest son Jack (played by Tom Holland).

All his attempts to prove he was right end when Percy mysteriously disappears in 1925.

Special Features:

-Adventure in the Jungle

-Feature Film Commentary by Director James Gray

-From Novel to Screen

-Expedition Journal

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