The Canadian music icon Bruce Cockburn has released his 34th album. 34th! All you can say is “wow”! Quite an accomplishment! It means a lot of things. That you are popular because people keep buying your album, so they keep giving you the go ahead to make another one. You are prolific. Songs keep pouring out of you. You love music because you keep making it. All those words – popular, prolific and music lover – go a long way towards describing Bruce Cockburn.

With Crowing Ignites you get an instrumental album that proves yet again that the man can write beautiful songs and plays a mean guitar. Don’t sleep on this one because it is instrumental. You won’t miss hearing a voice. He wrote 11 original tracks which carry and evoke as much emotion as songs with words do. Cockburn allows his guitar to do all the talking.

The album was produced, mixed and recorded by Colin Linden, a member of Canadian group Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and a guitarist himself. This really shows as he truly gives the spotlight to Cockburn’s instrument. He has worked previously with Ray Bonneville, Sue Foley, Lennie Gallant, and was the music director for the television series Nashville.

Track Listings

1. Bardo Rush
2. Easter
3. April in Mephis
4. Blind Willie
5. Seven Daggers
6. The MT. Lefroy Waltz
7. Sweetness and Light
8. Angels in the Half Light
9. The Groan9. The Groan
10. Pibroch the Wind in the Valley
11. Bells of Gethsemane