One Last Night

A first date gone bad…then good…then bad…then good. So basically it is a film which plays on the whole modern day dating scene today when it comes to Tinder, etc. With plenty of humourous takes and a poke at the whole horror genre. In other words, there is plenty going on during the 77 minutes running time.

Alex (Luke Brandon Field – Jojo Rabbit, Magic Boys) and Zoe (Rachele Schank – from television’s Legion) decide to meet at a small movie theatre for their first date. They have met online so this is their first face to face.

The date does not get off to a great start with Zoe seeming to want to bolt as soon as the film is over. But they get into a discussion which lasts longer than the credits and as they go to leave they find themselves locked in. As they can get no cell reception they cannot contact anyone to get them out.

After a futile search for a way out the two settle in for a night inside the theatre. Despite this being a major inconvenience suddenly they are clicking. Maybe there is some chance for a second date?

Soon that changes when things begin to happen and Zoe finds out something about Alex which changes her minds. As they say, the road to love is often filled with bumps…or major potholes!

Though this is obviously a lower budget indie film the fun story along with the sparkling chemistry between the two leads makes for a fun watch.

Some of the dialogue and camera shots are rather awkward, but the endearing nature of the story goes a long way towards making this hipster indie a worthwhile endeavour. Perfect film to settle down to with a small bowl (it is less than 80 minutes!) of popcorn.

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