Lindsey Stirling shares magical music video for “Artemis”


Platinum-selling recording artist Lindsey Stirling returns with a new music video for the title track on her forthcoming album, Artemis (Sept 6th).

The song features epic violin scales, progressive pulsating synthesizers and magical cinematic melodies orientated alongside tightly mixed percussive rhythms and immaculate studio production.

Named after the goddess of the moon, Artemis carries significant meaning for the electronic violinist. Having recently experienced the loss of her father and best friend, Lindsey found herself in a dark place going through significant stages grief. After years of mourning, she was worried that she would never feel the same again. The light that had once guided her was gone. And she wondered if her life would ever return normal.

It was then once Lindsey began working on her 5th studio album that she rediscovered herself. She realized that creating music gave her purpose and brought light back into her life. Lindsey found that much like the cycles of moon, just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it’s not there. A portion of herself was covered by the shadow of grief, but that portion of herself had not disappeared for good. Much like how the moon shifts shapes in the night sky and goes through phases of disappearing and then reappearing all again. Lindsey found that the missing portion of herself had reemerged into the light. This concept inspired Lindsey to name her new album after the goddess of the Moon, Artemis.

“Artemis,” the single is also Lindsey’s favorite song from the full length Artemis album. The 13-track LP features collaborations with the likes of Elle King and Evanescence’s Amy Lee. It will be released worldwide on September 6th, via BMG.

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