Armando Iannucci’s upcoming film is based on the Charles Dickens classic novel. This is a charming film that is impeccably cast. Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, The Newsroom) is the lead, David Copperfield, and is joined by amazing talents as Tilda Swindon, Hugh Laurie, and Gwendolyn Christie. Each actor brings so much rich talent to this amazing story.

I must agree with Iannucci’s statement that he immediately thought of Dev Patel to play the lead. There is an evident connection of the actor to the character. The story unfolds vividly in drab Victorian London. Each cast member contributing to a visual symphony. While there is use of some CGI and special effects it is done in a manner that only contributes to the unfolding of David’s life story.

Perhaps it wasn’t the director’s intention but I can’t help but think that the world needs a reminder of the importance of community. The connection built between giving and receiving help/support.